Privacy Policy

Last Updated July 15, 2022

SOCC (also “we,” “us,” or “our”) offers a broad range of services designed to suit the diverse and ever changing needs of our clients. In order to perform and tailor our services, we collect certain personal information. We take privacy very seriously, and we want you to know how we collect, use, share, and protect information about you and how you can exercise your privacy rights. By interacting with SOCC through our websites, technologies, products and services, you consent to the use of information that is collected or submitted as described in this “Privacy Policy.” SOCC will not allow your consent to be bought, sold, rented, or shared.

This Privacy Policy applies to our businesses within Malaysia, and provides an overview of our practices across all of our operations. SOCC may also provide supplemental privacy notices to you at specific points where we collect information about you in order to provide additional details about our practices that are applicable to specific products, services and locations. You should read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with such additional privacy notices. SOCC also maintains some additional privacy policies that are specific to lines of business or to address specific legal requirements. In all cases, this Privacy Policy is subject to applicable law.

This Privacy Policy only applies to personal information that SOCC collects. Please be aware that, in connection with your interactions with SOCC, you may at times share information directly with third parties. For example, you may access a third-party website through a link from SOCC, you may interact with one of our clients or partners in conjunction with our services, or you may communicate with us through a third-party platform. In these circumstances, SOCC does not have control over what information such third party may collect about you or how that information is used or shared. To learn about how a third party collects, uses, and shares your information, and how to exercise your privacy rights with respect to such third-party processing, please review such third party’s privacy notice.

In general, please be assured that SOCC does not sell or rent your information to third parties purely for our profit, to data brokers, or in any way other than those intended to improve your online experiences and the relevance of offers made to you through SOCC’s websites and elsewhere. There are instances where SOCC has shared personal information in order to provide our customers with personalised services or customised offers to improve your online experiences, and to improve our products and services. We do this in ways that are intended to extend the SOCC experience to our customers in a variety of environments.