Join The SOCC Team

We are committed to being an Employer of Choice. Looking after our employees means that we are dedicated to providing a safe workplace, innovative training, career development opportunities and a supportive culture.

Employing excellent people and looking after them has been a key part of how we do business. The ability to attract, develop and retain the skills, knowledge and capabilities relevant to SOCCs is fundamental and critical to our success.


Our operations span a range of diverse sectors and disciplines all around South East Asia and globally. Working with us, there are often opportunities to take on new roles and build on your skills. At SOCCs, we are proud of our ability to offer people roles in a huge variety of areas, as well as the ability to transfer between a range of competencies, specialisation and sectors both on site and in support positions.

And all this is done with the benefit of industry leading training, remuneration, paternity and maternity leave, and other staff benefits.

We understand that a healthy workforce means a healthy business. SOCCs also features industry leading competencies in a variety of support services so you can further expand your skills and career options.